Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today, I just finished up an extraordinary class on DSLR filmmaking. It was taught at ICP by a multi-talented London-based photographer, Gabrielle Motola.

When I signed up I was expecting a dull yet informative technical crash course, but I got much more than that due to the great class chemistry and Gabrielle's personable, smart approach to teaching. I made a short film about the unexpected recognition I have been experiencing while listening to my late mother's voice. I will post it online once it's been tweaked some more.

I am incredibly busy right now, it seems almost impossible how much I expect to accomplish while here in New York and in my life in general. Creating feels urgent.

And suddenly, having added a full time job to my life makes me feel like I need to choose between making personal work and having a social life. I'm experiencing a real abundance--of ideas, friendships, work, things I want to do--and it feels like too much for one person to make sense of. I wonder how others deal with these things?

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